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    Steel Stillage cuplock scaffold partst for scaffolding kits

    • FOB Price:US $700.00 ~1200.00 /TON
    • Quantity:474102 Tons
    • Supply:31000 Tons/Month
    • Port:Tianjin
    • Payment:L/C,T/T

    Uscaffolding provides Steel Stillage cuplock scaffold partst for scaffolding kits, you can send inquiry for the latest price.

    1. Detailed information

    Australia stainless Kwikstage Scaffolding Metal Stillage Steel Pallet


    The kwikstage scaffolding steel stillage is used for holding materials and safely picked up by forklift and stacks on top of each other. Pallets achieved a maximum load of 9000kgs. Client advised that these pallets are stacked 6 pallets high. Using a safety factor of 2, these pallets are rated to a Working Load Limit of 750kgs when stacked 6 units high.



    a) Durability: Scaffold mesh steel pallet is made of tough material and provides long-term benefits.

    b) Easy operation: picked up by forkliftand saving labour costs

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